WELCOME! to messageboard CREATIONS a site with Christian T-shirts and other products to come! I am Clavia your T-shirt Designer.

messageboard® T-shirt was created some years ago when ideas started coming to me while in church. I would scribble it on the back of my Church program and worked on it afterwards.

I was always screen-printing T-shirts for Church functions and for a few customers - some were a hit - some a miss. I continued to pursue this Art because I really liked screen printing. I'd get really excited when I'd do a print and it came out nice flat even and smooth! I still get that way!


So, when the ideas started pouring in, I decided to start printing my own personal brand. The name messageboard® is at it implies, I am a message board for God and I'm showcasing his message in what I'm wearing and want to share that with others. It was also a way to counter some of the 'not so nice' tees I saw everyday.

I started a website with a blog to generate interest. I interviewed Christians who share their personal stories, hoping to add my store to the site. I got my inventory in - T-shirts, inks, equipment - you name it I got it. I sold directly to my customers - delivering my custom made, custom print T-shirts. I was feeling good about it, but no major profit. I still had a full-time job, so splitting my time with it, work and family was a little difficult - but doable. Business was slow I lost my domain name and my website. 

I was disheartened. On top of that I lost some of my inventory because of where it was stored. Sigh. I was even more disheartened - and stopped printing, stopped promoting and stopped designing. I just focused on other people's work. 

Persons would ask, and I would say, "I'm going to get back to it" But I really didnt do anything. All the while, I would see other Designs come up out of the blue, some have died down, some still going, and I would say to myself - "I'll get to it soon" All the while putting all my energy, ideas and drive into other people's work.

Then I came across a Christian Vlogger, I don't remember how, and she spoke about online Tshirt store and how to market your business as a Christian entrepreneur. Of all the Vlogs and tutorials and webinars I've done - that one drove me the most in the direction I am going today!

So, I'm glad you dropped by this website

I have revamped some of the Designs with the help of my husband Richard, and some designs have remained the same - if you are a previous customer, you will recognise them. I hope you like what you see - the designs will be released on a limited basis for a limited time - but there will always be more as long as the Lord keeps pouring in the ideas. PLUS, other products I'm excited to add such as totes, hats, mugs and much more!

I'm excited, I'm nervous, but most of all I'm hopeful. Hopeful that the direction God has been leading me for so long I will walk bravely into it shedding the fear knowing God is holding my hand.

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Once again WELCOME!